September 30, 2014

Not one single hurtful thing ever got changed by someone grinning and bearing it.

Hurtful things changed because people have said ‘That hurts me. Stop.’

And every time you try to silence someone and tell them that they shouldn’t be hurt, shouldn’t be offended, shouldn’t choose this battle, that this isn’t important and that other things are more important - you are serving the hurtful rather than the hurt.


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September 30, 2014
"If you are reading this in the United States or Canada, whose land are you on, dear reader? What are the specific names of the Native nation(s) who have historical claim to the territory on which you currently read this article? What are their histories before European invasion? What are their historical and present acts of resistance to colonial occupation? If you are like most people in the United States and Canada, you cannot answer these questions. And this disturbs me."

— Qwo-Li Driskill (Cherokee), “Doubleweaving Two-Spirit Critiques: Building Alliances between Native and Queer Studies”

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September 29, 2014
Deep Green Transphobia | Earth First! Newswire


do not promote derrick jensen, lierre keith or deep green resistance, except to expose their ignorance and bigotry.

September 24, 2014



like if you claim to support disabled people you need to be standing up for all disabled people, not just the ones who are useful to a capitalist society, not just the white, cis, het, thin, rich or male ones, not just the ones who aren’t angry, not just those who are conventionally attractive

all fucking disabled people

and this includes addicts, this includes those with personality disorders and those with psychosis, this includes all the disabled folk painted as monsters in the media

this includes the self-diagnosed and the chronically ill, this includes all those who have never and will never work, who are dismissed as ‘low-functioning’ and ‘lazy’

this includes those with obvious physical differences, whose mobility devices you can’t ignore, who’s visible presence in society is frowned upon and seen as an inconvenience, as something to be ashamed of

every disabled life is worth supporting and I want to see more people fucking doing that

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September 23, 2014




out of all the Native men that i know of on this site, there literally are only 6 that i don’t have blocked

i don’t need to see photos of men who i know to be physically/sexually/emotionally abusive on and offline, i don’t need to see hypocritical chauvenistic contrived self-inflating bullshit intellectualism, and i definitely don’t need to see unsolicited/unwanted dick pics in the #ndn tag

so many Native ‘men’ need to grow the fuck up already 

nobody needs the second-hand embarrassment that comes from seeing your weirdly haggard selfies and pathetic need to assert physical strength as some kind of compensation for your ego and smaller-than-average dick


just to clarify, because someone replied that ‘everyone knows who this is’

this is NOT about ONE individual, this is about pervasive issues with the way that Native men participate in Native rights movements and in on and offline communities

off the top of my head, i can think of 5 Native men that i have had to block on here bc i have been sexually harassed by them online or know them to be an abuser offline

i mean while i’m at it let’s have a conversation on the roles that men of color play in anti-racism movements and how they replicate misogyny & sexism on the day to day, even in so-called radical activism/communities

yeah there’s a reason pretty much all the major AIM leaders were men, there’s a reason there were multiple murders of young Native women affiliated with AIM members that went unsolved for decades. there’s a reason MLK thought it was cool to preach good Christian values and then go cheat on Coretta, there’s a reason the Panther pads were known for being cesspools of sexual violence. there’s a reason single moms were pushed out of Chicanx/Filipinx union organizing, there’s a reason young women involved with that organizing were told to allow white potential ‘ally unions’ to feel them up on the campaign trail. there is a reason men of all races rarely participate in community organizing around violence against women and children, and there’s a reason the few that do are usually survivors of childhood exposure to violence and government employees paid to be there. 

too often, men build movements to build their pride, to combat whatever racism brings emotional pain to them, a pain they value higher than those of the women in their community. they have these disgusting fantasies of being -champions for the people- and coming home to a woman radical enough to support their actions but quiet enough to shut up and cook and clean for them. they do not care about violence against women in their community because they are perpetrators, and when they’re not directly emotionally/physically/sexually abusive, they excuse and turn a blind eye to that behavior in others. ‘trickle down violence’ is commonplace—marginalized men being violent towards women in their own communities due to self-hatred and their own internal crisis in masculinity bc they are considered less human and are less powerful than rich white men; they feel the need to assert their power and lash out, and they lash out at the only thing they are taught to be dominant over—women, children, and anyone they deem weaker than them. 

oftentimes the men that join ‘radical’ spaces are predatory in those same spaces. they think they’re hot shit bc they’re ‘down for the people’ (notably less than half of ‘the people,’ since they’re obvi not down for women in any kinda substantive way) and that women should idolize the shit outta their hypocritical activism. it then turns into “of COURSE she wants my attention/dick pic/sext/dick.”

and that’s how i came to block the majority of men i see on tumblr. like i said, i follow a total of 6 Native men. they are the ones that consistently talk about violence against Native women and sexism. pretty much everyone else is blocked. 

please take the time to read the entire post. we would add that this is case with all of us - the misogyny, trans* and homo antagonism. not only do we leave womyn out of community movements and struggles, but we leave out a host of other marginalized people too.

sustainability is not only about living in harmony with Mother Earth but with each other as well. we must learn to move forward without throwing others under the bus.